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Offer your customers the ability to convert and sell more!

Consensus can shorten sales cycles by 68%, increase close rates by 44%, and boost conversion rates 4X. 

By partnering with Consensus, you'll earn industry-leading revenue shares and commissions. Plus, you'll have access to technology that creates immediate impact on your customer's bottom line. 

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Partner Benefits & Requirements

Consensus technology literally sells itself. All that is required as a partner is to share our demo.


Marketing Tools

The Consensus demo player is an ideal marketing tool. Attract prospects to view a Consensus demo via email campaigns, on your website, through social media, newsletters, content marketing, and more!

Your partner manager will show you how.

Sales Tools

Send prospects personalized, Consensus demos. Receive real-time notifications that the prospect viewed the demo. Call them and sell Consensus, or introduce them to your partner manager.

We'll take care of the rest!

Deal Registration

Insert customer opportunities for Consensus sales support. Consensus will either work with you to close the deal, or own the entire sales process on your behalf.

Training & Support

You have access to a full library of support materials, plus a dedicated partner manager who support both sales and client success activities. 

All you have to do is share the Consensus demo! It's that easy.

- your Consensus partner team

Consensus capabilities

Our partners deliver the following value to their customers.



  1. Integrate Consensus with existing marketing platforms.
  2. Enhance email marketing campaigns with personalized demos.
  3. Increase website conversion rates.
  4. Grow social media engagement.
  5. Drive purchase intent.
  6. Generate buying groups.
  7. Drive channel marketing.
  8. Maximize webinar content. 
  9. Track buying group analytics.
  10. Educate prospects.


  1. Integrate Consensus with existing CRM platforms.
  2. Shorten sales cycles.
  3. Increase close rates.
  4. Track stakeholder engagement. 
  5. Accelerate sales funnels.
  6. Automate demo presentations.
  7. Personalize sales messaging.
  8. Drive B2B buying consensus.
  9. Grow channel sales among partners.
  10. Educate an organization's full buying group.


  1. White-label Consensus.
  2. Host Consensus on a subdomain.
  3. Build against the Consensus API.
  4. List Consensus within your app exchange or marketing place.
  5. Incorporate Consensus analytics into existing data strategies.
  6. Launch Consensus from existing automation tools.
  7. Deliver interactive personalization.

Video Demos

  1. Access built-in screen recorder tool.
  2. Create professional video content for sales and marketing funnels.
  3. Deliver personalized messages to individual contacts.
  4. Edit existing video content. 
  5. Host unlimited video demos.
  6. Send and track unlimited video demos. 
  7. Track video analytics. 
  8. Deliver responsive demos to any device.

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